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 www.U.tennis       U and tennis first !


U.tennis will serve the individual tennis consumer and tennis providers on a global and local level.

We all know that most tennis experiences are local but they are equally part of a global big picture which we as individuals up to now could not influence.



U purchase equipment, apparel, events tickets, summer camps and holidays, club memberships, insurance, travel items, hotels rooms, use apps for player matching and leagues, coaching and education, attend academies and use money transfers and invest in events and opportunities.


U.tennis is a super platform and will multiply the power of the individual by working with and building many interconnected tennis networks.



At TennisInvestor.com we aim not just to disrupt the system but to integrate and help prime the pump to grow profitably and exponentially the tennis eco-system worldwide and provide huge value for all members of our Global Tennis Club under the name U.tennis


We are aiming to build partnerships to build a new model for tennis worldwide that puts the tennis consumer in the middle.

The tennis eco-system includes approx 100 million active tennis players and by current estimates has a wider audience of approx 1.2 Billion people worldwide with a minimum spend of 120 billion dollars annually (very conservatively estimated).


There is a demand but not enough supply.

Millions of tennis consumers are being forgotten and ignored and not being served tennis products. 

The every day tennis fan is being priced out of experiencing tennis on screen and the entertainment model has become the main focus of the media circus.

This tennis fan community / audience is reducing every year and the media rights are being marketed more and more to a select group of high paying tennis consumers via paid subscription media for the most part. 

We as a group aim to increase the number of events worldwide and bring more value and bigger audiences for global and local sponsors and reduce the control of tennis by the few oligarchs and large media consortia.

The traditional Tennis Federation Model for organising tennis on a national and international level has become part of the problem and not part of the solution to growing the sport of tennis on a grass roots global and local level.