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Facebook is currently owned by Noel P Walsh and was established in January 2020. is an investment / donations based crowd funding platform whereby investments / donations are solicited as gifts from the tennis community worldwide. Any investments / donations given are to be considered by the investor / donor as gifts to the receiver where there is NO expectation of any financial reward or payback. If a receiver offers a small token of appreciation or thanks for the donation given then this is not to be considered as a product or service transaction.

Noel P Walsh is the founder of and is also co-founder of and TPP Tennis Player Profile Group on Facebook and created together with Mark Wylam from a listing for tennis players to assist them to promote themselves in search of funding and college opportunities.

+++++ does not charge VAT or Sales Tax on any investment / donation, as these investments / donations are to be considered gifts. However, will pay VAT on any amount that is not considered a donation and is used to manage the platform.

If you have any legal or taxation questions, recommends all users and visitors to consult with a professional who can give you specific advice and guidance. The amount received may have to be declared as income by the receiver - please get taxation advice from an expert on these matters to clarify your individual circumstances.