EARN / HIT better returns with Tennis Investor

The team at Tennis Investor has many solid investments which we are involved with currently.

NOW, we are also opening up the chance to provide debt funding to our members & network.

We have achieved great results with our previous campaign.


Starting quarter 2 of 2024, we are seeking debt funding in exchange for payment of a guaranteed fixed rate of return for a fixed term of 12 months.


term minimum amount

fixed return %

total amount paid out
12 months 10,000 Euro +15%  11,500 Euro
12 months 50,000 Euro +20% 60,000 Euro
12 months 100,000 Euro +25% 125,000 Euro
12 months 500,000 Euro +30% 650,000 Euro
12 months 1,000,000 Euro +35% 1,350,000 Euro
12 months 10,000,000 Euro +40% 14,000,000 Euro
12 months 50,000,000 Euro +50% 75,000,000 Euro


These investment programmes are only available to members and there is an annual fee to join as a member depending on the level of returns you wish to avail of. This will be deducted at the end of the programme.


Contact us if you wish to discuss these opportunities in more detail.