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Here at we strive to innovate via co-creation.

The partnerships we build allow us to improve the wheel, not focus on reinventing it.

Hence, we much appreciate the ability of our team to work well together with others and we are always looking for ways to grow our family of collaborators via partnerships that nurture & foster our company values and shared objectives.

There is a mountain of evidence that suggests that the PRIVATE TENNIS INVESTOR environment is ripe to become the disruptive engine that so many of us are dreaming of. 

As a platform, has taken steps to create and build some new tennis infrastructure which will allow all private tennis investors to get involved in a significant way.

Clearly, the individual tennis player, tennis coach and tennis fan is also a tennis investor.

That's what tennis is about investing time and money into an educational process to improve and enjoy tennis activities and events worldwide.

Tennis = Investment 


At we aim not just to disrupt the system but to integrate and help prime the pump to grow profitably and exponentially the tennis eco-system worldwide and provide huge value for all members of our Global Tennis Club under the name

We are aiming to build partnerships to build a new model for tennis worldwide that puts the tennis consumer in the middle.

The tennis eco-system includes approx 100 million active tennis players and by current estimates has a wider audience of approx 1.2 Billion people worldwide with a minimum spend of 120 billion dollars annually (very conservatively estimated).




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Tennis Investor Partners TIPS

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