No time or funding limit

How much funding can I get ??  Unlimited time and funding amount while listed on

Over time as the Tennis platform becomes more established we hope to achieve a minimum payout of 90% of net investment / donation funds received so we can help tennis clients improve their financial situation and opportunities to pursue their tennis dream.

Normally, before a tennis client (player, coach, project, club, academy, other) can be allowed register on  the client must explain why they wish to get funding and what will it be used for. asks that the listed tennis players and tennis projects work hard to promote via their social media tennis network and their network of friends and tennis supporters.

Currently, in return there is no upfront fees on this crowdfunding platform and any profits will be reinvested for future growth. 

See our section for current Fees & Charges.

We believe all tennis clients who use other crowdfunding platforms should definitely list on to get maximum opportunities. Most  who list on our platform are approached directly with tennis product endorsement opportunities and other non-financial offers like top level tennis training, mental coaching or other tennis related opportunities and products. is aimed exclusively at the tennis community worldwide and is an invesment / donations based crowdfunding platform with strong links to tennis. 

The results you will achieve with the tennis community and crowdfunding are related to the hard work that you put in to promotion - just like in tennis. is not trying to copy or imitate any other platform and our transaction fee structure and all other charges are clear and transparent. Our value proposition is clear for all to see. With you don't need to create a new page every time you wish to update your profile and there is no limit in time or money while you are listed.

Other crowdfunding platforms are more generally aimed at society at large. They have the advantage that they have larger budgets but also often collect tips or extra fees and advertising revenue to cover their costs. So their transaction fees and other charges are lower but very often due to their size your individual needs as a client become literally lost in the crowd and often result in very poor visibility and results.