How to get listed? promotes listed tennis players, tennis coaches and tennis projects seeking donation funding and networking and promotion opportunities aimed at financial investors.


To contact, register or list with us, please email


In general we recommend you consider the following steps to introduce and promote yourself as a tennis player  

1. Tennis Players should have a TPP Tennis Player Profile

follow us on Instagram @TennisInvestor

join our Facebook group TPP2020


To get a full TPP Tennis Player Profile please register for an annual fee of 110€ as of 1st March 2020. See other FAQ for more details or e-mail if you have any questions. Sign up for your TPP Tennis Player Profile at
2. Tennis Coaches and Tennis Projects are evaluated and approved on a case by case basis.
Please email us a summary of your project undertaking and the amount of funding you are intending to look for from the tennis community worldwide. Once we receive your details we will get back to you with any questions and clarifications needed. Then we can discuss with you our fee structure if we are interested in listing your project on the Funding Platform and we will decide which category of project funding it falls under.

In general funding or investments which are reward based or gifts to the project owner are treated the same as funding for tennis players and could be listed on if approved. The taxation treatment of such donated funds is a matter and sole responsibility of the project owner and the tennis player. Please see the section About us for more details on this.

If you have any equity or share purchase offerings for tennis projects which include ownership rights and obligations - you may contact us about such projects but they are not currently listed by

Any negotiations on equity or share purchase offerings will have to take place between the individual project owner and the qualified investor who needs to do their project evaluations and due diligence before they invest in such tennis projects. Normal financial prudence is required.