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The focus of Tennis Investor efforts for Player & Athlete support is essentially crowd funding with a difference.

In July 2021, Tennis Investor has made a significant strategic investment into an innovative sponsorship and support system.

In January 2020, Tennis Investor strategically invested in the TPP Tennis Player Profile Division of managed by Mark Wylam.

Together these two strategic investments help Tennis Investor improve opportunities for many tennis players worldwide. 


TPP Tennis Player Profile = more Income & opportunities

Tennis Players with a TPP Tennis Player Profile promote themselves and network to get more access to Tennis Product / Brand Opportunities, Promotion Income, Endorsement Income, Affiliate Partner Income.

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Get a full TPP Tennis Player Profile which is listed on our partner website Sports Pros Connect and pay a low annual fee. See other FAQ for more details or e-mail if you have any questions.

In January 2020, founder Noel P Walsh, has co-founded TPP Tennis Player Profile with Mark Wylam owner of


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